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We’re giving all the insurance services to you

Business insurance

Business insurance

Your business deserves the right commercial risk partner.
Car insurance

Car insurance

More than just comprehensive cover for your car.
Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Empower your financial journey with Vukheta Risk Services
Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover

The low-cost, flexible funeral plan
Home insurance

Home insurance

Safeguard your home, from your building to your contents.
Compare & get your insuracne in right way

Compare & get your insuracne in right way

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Services Offered:

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Tailored medical aid solutions
  • Strategic investment planning
  • Banking services for seamless transactions
  • Employee benefits packages for workforce well-being
  • Retirement annuity solutions for a worry-free future
  • Holistic financial planning for every life stage

More Products

  • Commercial
  • Assets All Risk
  • Transport
  • Fleet
  • Agriculture
  • Specialist Liability
  • Guarantee
  • Investment
  • Employee Benefits
  • Municipal Insurance
  • Marine
  • Engineering
  • Personal
  • High Net Worth Client
  • Leisure

Comprehensive Financial Solutions Tailored for You:

🩺 Medical Aid
💹 Investment Strategies
🏦 Banking Services
👥 Employee Benefits Packages
🌅 Retirement Annuity Solutions
📊 Holistic Financial Planning

Revolutionizing the Industry:

  1. Tailored business processes for efficiency, success in claims, and strategic financial planning.
  2. Continuous learning from clients ensures we evolve to meet your ever-changing financial needs.

Social Responsibility: Beyond business, we are committed to social development activities. This includes on-the-job training for the disadvantaged, contributions against societal issues, and sponsorship for educational initiatives.

Tailored business processes for efficiency, success in claims, and strategic financial planning.

Our Social Responsibility​

We are an emerging consulting firm with few clients in our book. For now we envisage social development activities such as the following: (1) on the job training for the previously disadvantaged in order to prepare more competent candidates to enter the job market, (1) contributions to campaigns against women and children abuse, and sponsorship for free lessons on sign language.